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UAE insolaire solar installs panels at dubai’s mega solar park

Emirates Insolaire, a leader in the development and application of new solar technologies and a joint venture (JV) of Dubai Investments PJSC and Swissinso SA, Switzerland has declared the undertaking of the installation of solar panels at the DEWA Innovation Centre project, part of Dubai’s Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, being constructed as the largest single-site solar park in the world based on the independent power producer (IPP) model.

Registering the peak power at 225KWp, more than 3,339 customized solar panels covering a field of 2,000Sq.m will aid towards producing more than 360,000 KWh electricity yearly, resulting in approx cost savings of AED 158,000 per-year.

In addition to reducing peak load, the customized special cut solar panel setting is designed to renovate savings through better capacity rates, net-measurement, and fewer instrument and installation costs.

‘Emirates Insolaire’s focus has ever been slope on providing perfect integration to the facility with peak capacity, allow self-sufficiency, towards generating clean energy while protecting the environment. Based on the Independent Power Producer model, the DEWA innovation center has been specially constructed to the highest standards for sustainable buildings including the latest technologies and forms part of a milestone project for us. We have been working nearly with both the government and the private sectors, helping support the vision and increase awareness on sustainability, while improving national ability and increase competitiveness, said Rafic Hanbali, Managing Partner of Emirates Insolaire.

According to industry comments, the campaign to integrate other energy resources into almeena networks is beginning to increase in 2020 as governments seek to meet the rising request for power. Likewise, the intense population growth combined with ambitious industrial and financial expansion programs is resulting in a growing need for power, with demand for electricity in the Middle East suppose to triple by 2050.

The upcoming Innovation Centre is part of DEWA’s efforts to raise solar and clean energy advances, designed to enable visitors with the chance to hostile and experience other forms of clean energy production, inclusive wind, and modern methods of desalination.


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