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Saudi Arabia Al-Sharkia governorates desalination plant

The head of the eastern sector of the National Water Company m. Hamdi Al-Sharari said that the projects to improve drinking water quality in the Eastern Region amounted to 14 projects, which were reviewed and envelopes opened, and 10 of them are now readily awaiting their financial appropriations. They will cover most of the main areas in the region. The necessary accreditation to it.

M. Al-Sharari in an interview about the plans for the water and sanitation projects in the King Fahd suburb of Dammam, and the digital transformation initiative to replace mechanical meters with electronic ones; To complete a mechanism for automatically linking readings in all regions, with the aim of reducing water losses and reducing operational costs.

The General Administration of Water Services in the Eastern Region began implementing sanitation projects from 2018, at a cost of more than 168 million riyals, represented by the construction of networks, sanitation lines, and lifting stations.

And when will the work be completed? The sanitation projects in the suburb are expected to be completed at the end of next year, “the first phase that includes the first, second and third neighborhoods, and the Al-Forsan neighborhood,” which was selected based on the population density, and the length of all networks reached about 204 kilometers, with an actual project completion rate of about 44. % Plans and achievement Where have the construction stages reached?

The implementation of the projects is progressing well according to what was planned, and sewage networks with a length exceeding about 114 kilometers have been implemented, and for the first neighborhood, the implementation rate in it reached more than 72%, and for the second district, there was a conflict between the sanitation project with the projects of our partners in the district Al-Sharqiyah district. We saw that the Municipality would start with rain drainage projects, followed by the implementation of the first phase in the second district, and the third district, the completion rate in which reached about 62%, And the sixth district 45%, while the completion rate in the Al-Forsan neighborhood reached 80%. As for the second phase of the suburb’s projects, they are almost finished, and are awaiting the necessary financial allocations within the scheduling of projects for the year 2021 AD, and include neighborhoods: the fourth, fifth and seventh


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