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NPCC have submited the lowest bid of $16.2 million for 380kV Transmission line at Al Aseelh

Saudi Electricity Company called the bid results for the project “Construction of 380kV Transmission line for interconnection of Al Aseelh (ASL) 380/132/13.8kV BSP with the network”.

The project located is in Jazan, Southern zone of Saudi Arabia.

A total of 6 bidders has submitted the proposals. Pakistan based construction company, National Power Construction Corporation (NPCC) has submitted the lowest bid USD $16.2.

THE Al Aseelh 380kV Transmission Line:

This project associated the design and construction of two 380kV OHTL to connect the Al Aseelh (ASL) 380/132/13.8kV BSP. The approximate route distance of the total OHTL route is 44.55 km.

Once the project is done, the Al Aseelh substation will be connected to the network via Kudmi and Madayah Substations. The project includes using 4-795 kcmil ACSR/AW CONDOR conductor per phase and four OPGW along with the distance of the new line.

The Contractor shall execute on Lump-sum turnkey basis, the design, engineering, materials procurement, quality management, factory inspection/testing, transport and delivery to site, installation, construction, site inspection, testing and commissioning, all include work and services until final handing over of new OHTL work in a satisfactorily working and operating condition.

Project need to be completed within a 25 months.


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