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MISK project briman valley in Jeddah

EPC of MBR 30,000 m3/day and upgrading the current 30,000 m3/day STP Conventional. The MBR plant includes a new equalization tank, an anoxic tank, aeration tank, and an MBR tank. For the existing STP conventional SKME installed new primary sedimentation, sludge receiving tank, and Anoxic tank, and refurnished and retrofitted, the existing Aeration and secondary clarifier tanks.

The purpose of this STP is to treat waste-water up to reuse quality for irrigation. The raw water has two sources :
1-Briman sewage lake
2-Sewage coming from the city of Jeddah via dumper trucks.

The two sources of sewage are mixed in the equalization tank. This plant has treated approx 4 million cubic meters of waste-water from the sewage lake. After the lake dried up, this STP exclusively treats sewage for Jeddah city sent via trucks. The 30,000 m3/day MBR STP is considered in KSA the largest flat sheet MBR plant till the moment. This project played an integral role in Briman’s sewage lake problem, which posted a great environmental, health, and social danger, especially if the dam was breached with the unexpected recent floods these past few years. The dam was constructed without anticipation of the floods. SKME is grateful and proud to be able to contribute to eliminating this danger.

The Block Flow:
Trucks dump raw water into the equalization tank in the dumping area of the plant. The equalization tank stabilizes the flow of water and transfers 30,000 cubic meters to the STP conventional, and 30,000 cubic meters per day to the MBR STP. The STP conventional include primary settling tanks, Anoxic tank (for the removal of nitrogen), and a secondary clarifier. The MBR STP includes Anoxic+Aeration, in one common tank, and an MBR tank. The two STP plants share a common product water tank.

Water Analysis Summary:
SKME utilized Toray flat sheet membrane for the MBR in order to get high-quality product water, low operation cost, easy O&M, and space-saving. The MBR STP was less than half the size of the STP Conventional. It was a good economical choice that made both parties happy. The raw water BOD is 400 and the required was 10 and below.


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