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Minister of Transport: Planning to implement 22 metro projects until 2024 at a cost of 512 billion pounds

The Minister of Transport, Lieutenant General, Kamel Al-Wazir, held an expanded meeting with the head and leaders of the National Authority for Tunnels to follow up the executive position of the projects implemented by the Authority, stressing that the directives of the political leadership of the subway are based on continuing the implementation and development work of this important facility, in accordance with the best standards and specifications, especially with the importance of Metro projects as one of the main important solutions to reduce traffic flow, in order to achieve ease of movement for citizens and facilitate them.

The minister added that it was planned to implement subway projects with a total of 22 projects, with a total cost of 512 billion pounds, until 2024, and 8 projects were completed, with a total cost of 33.1 billion pounds, and 6 projects are being implemented, with a total cost of 228.5 billion pounds, and planning was planned at the beginning of this month to start In implementing 8 projects at a cost of 250.5 billion pounds.

The Minister of Transport reviewed the executive and financial position of the ongoing projects, as the implementation rate of the third phase of the third line of the metro reached 36%, which is 17.7 km in length and includes 15 stations. Restore road traffic above tunnel stations as soon as the excavation works are completed in each station, in order to facilitate the residents of the area in which the station is located.

The minister also reviewed the latest preparations for the opening of the fourth phase stations, and followed the position of manufacturing and supplying 32 new air-conditioned trains in cooperation with the South Korean company Hyundai Rotem, where the first train from the deal was delivered on 6/16/2020, and the second train will be supplied during this month, in succession. The arrival of the rest of the trains according to the specified schedule, provided that 10 trains out of the total of 32 trains in Egypt will be collected through Hyundai’s technical support and support for local manufacturing in Egypt, in order to accommodate the expected increase in the number of passengers, which will reach 450 thousand passengers/day after the opening of the part The second of the fourth phase ending at Adly Mansour station.

Then the team, engineer Kamel Al-Minister, reviewed the implementation rates of the LRT electric train project (Peace – Tenth of Ramadan – the New Administrative Capital), whose total cost is 32.6 billion pounds, as the current implementation rate for construction works reached 32%, and the minister emphasized the need to intensify the work due to the great importance of the project As it will contribute to linking Greater Cairo with the new urban communities and the new administrative capital, serving investors and industrial zones in these new urban communities, as well as contributing to the increase in growth and development of new urban communities, residential, commercial and industrial.

The Minister of Transport also called for the necessity to intensify the efforts related to the operational work of the New Administrative Capital Monorail project, as well as to expedite the completion of all financing measures for the development of the metro’s first line systems with international development partners from international institutions and international banks, especially that the Ministry is moving in two directions in this area, the first is Executing new and second metro projects, modernizing and developing the first and second lines of the subway


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