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King Abdul Aziz University, MBR STP & RO planat Jeddah

1-Sewage Treatment Plant (6000 m3/day) Using Membrane BioReactor Technology

The 6000 project as it’s known right now has a capacity of 6000 m3/day and can easily be upgraded to 8000 m3/day just by adding MBR Modules. The University had an existing STP in the 90s and it had been out of service since then. SKME proposed the use of the present circular tanks already used as clarifiers to be used as a complete system including equalization, aeration, filtration, and anoxic. SKME is the first in the world to implement the MBR system in a circular tank. This of course comes from SKME’s find to save the environment and to cut all costs in maintaining economic solutions. The project is presently in the commissioning phase and the treated water is well within guaranteed parameters which are extremely strict in proportion with all MBR systems since BOD and TSS are maintained less than 3 mg/L. The footprint of this plant is 60% of the old STP while the capacity is 4 times the old capacity.

2-Sewage Treatment Plant (500 m3/day) Using Membrane Bioreactor Technology

This plant is located in the Marine Science College in North Obhur in Jeddah. The function of this STP is to serve the residence and offices in the college. Special measures have been contracted to the material selection and painting in this STP due to the site’s location which is only a few meters away from the sea. The project is 90% completed at this phase and just wait for the final steps.

3- Hardness Removal Plant (100 m3/day) Using Reverse Osmosis Technology (RST)

The difference in the projects of SKME is essential to the Wastewater Treatment Area and to the company as well as we endeavor for solutions in all areas of sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, and desalination. This plant has a capacity of 100 m3/day and is used to supply the boiler for King Abdulaziz University Hospital Boiler and is used for sterilization. The RO plant uses the MBR treated stream water as its tributary water, which results in very purified water with a very low TDS, mineral, and chemical composition, which is well compatible with sterilization and Hospital boilers.


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